Make your accounting practice great again

The choices today may be overwhelming

There is a number of solution designed for accounting market. Each is unique and requires some time to master. This situation is very confusing for accounting market as terms like “cloud computing” and “API economy” seems to be more IT than accounting bussines.

But now it has changed and get your head around it.

How to choose the right one?

We will show you the proven methods of dealing with this situation. We will use the eight-year experience of Taxxo in supporting the business of accounting practices.

How to manage the accelerating changes in technology, customer needs or tax rules and not get mad (even though you really want to)

Do you run an accounting practice and feel overwhelmed by the number of changes?

Do you experience accelerating technology, constantly new customer requirements and tax changes affecting your business? You don’t need to feel guilty when sometimes you are lost and not everything in your practice works perfectly. It is difficult to make a decision when there are so many possibilities, systems and solutions around. 


How to convince accounting practice clients to change their behavior?

It is often the case that an accountant does not receive some requested documents before a deadline. Clients tend to impose their style of work while accountants feel underpaid and fear to increase service price as the client may leave. We will share with you the solutions that we worked on in many projects completed with the accounting offices that we support and cooperate with daily.


How to transform your accounting practice without changing all your tools?

Many customers came to us overwhelmed by the number of solutions and opportunities and the feeling that they must change everything at their practice. They had the impression that their favorite desktop system is not suitable for today’s ‘cloud computing’ trend. It frightened them at the same time that changing the software will cause problems with employees, customers and will consume a lot of time. We will show you the other ways to connect two worlds – being a modern practice with online services and working on your favourite system.